Zelnova Zeltia S.A. is a company that produces and commercializes products used for cleaning, cleansing, disinfecting and disinsectisation of households, industries and the hotel industry. Zelnova Zeltia acquired Copyr S.p.A., an Italian company based in Milan founded in 1961 focused on the development and selling of household and public products used for cleansing, disinfecting and disinsectisation, and organic farming products.
The group Zelnova Zeltia-Copyr is a European reference in the development, production and commercialization of pesticide formulations suitable for households, industries, public hygiene, and agriculture. Both companies belong to the PharmaMar Group.




Based on active principles as state-of-the-art pyrethroids several types of insecticides are available: specific sprays to combat crawling and flying insects (Casa Jardín, ZZ Paff, Cuca Paff, etc.), electric and portable insecticides (Kill Paff), liquid insecticides (Bio Kill, Bio Care, Ebogón), insecticide dust (ZZ Cooper, ZZ Polvo), pediculicides (ZZ Cupex), qranular insecticides (Ratsul), traps (Splash) and moothproofing products (Casa Jardín, Splash).

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Air Fresheners

We have a broad range of products: sprays, plug-ins, potpourries, reed diffusers, and concentrated air fresheners, under the A Tu Aire, Coopermatic, Kill Paff, Fresh Aire, Splash and Plug & Fresh brands. All of them are available in a wide variety of scents, fragrances and odour neutralisers.

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Home care

Wide range of products: floor cleaners, furniture cleaners, oven cleaners... that highlight our brands: Hechicera, Bonacera, Baldosinín, Briflor, Kliner, Duende, Quitamanchas Z7 and Prestomil.

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Proffesional use products

Wide variety of products for proffesionals: Automatic aerosols dispenser, insecticides, air fresheners, bactericides and antiseptics, cleaners, wax and polishers, etc, in all our brands Zelmatic, ZZ and Zelco, among others.

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