A tu aire

A tu aire, we create fragrances for your home. Each of our fragrances are inspired by nature. We ensure your house has a natural environment! You can choose the fragrance that best suits your life: hints of fruit, floral tones or with woody hues.

We are committed to looking after the environment and sustainability. For this reason, to do our bit for the cause, we use recycled materials in all of our products.

A tu aire, air fresheners for the home

With our A tu aire air fresheners, we want you to discover unique sensations. We create each one of our products with the consumer in mind: a modern consumer committed to the environment, a nature lover.

Our natural and exclusive fragrances have been created by expert perfumers.

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Their inspiration, when it comes to manufacturing the air fresheners A tu aire Paseo por la montaña (Walk through the mountains), Amanecer tropical (Tropical sunrise) and Brisa mediterránea (Mediterranean breeze) is well-being.

In addition, we have chosen a decorative design which, apart from taking you to wonderful places with its fragrance, is elegant for your home.

At A tu aire we are aware of the need to look after the environment, so we have reduced the use of plastic in our packaging and we use propellants that don’t damage the ozone layer.

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A tu aire, air fresheners that take you to the purest of places!

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memi, a drop of air

Charity, educational and cultural project

With this original educational project, linked to the IGUALARTE FOUNDATION: MEMI, we have committed ourselves to creating a fragrance for charity. It is a creative laboratory where children provide the basis of creation.

A tu aire and MEMI have created an air freshener with a sweet fragrance chosen by the best specialist group: children.

MEMI: help us to help them!


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Why A tu aire?

A tu aire is much more than an air freshener brand. We are passionate that the fragrance of your home makes you discover unique sensations: the sea, the breeze, the sun’s rays, a sunrise, exotic fruits, fresh air, freedom…
We don’t just create fragrances for your home, but we try to care for the environment by reducing the use of plastic in our containers.
100% of the plastic material of our sprays and containers comes from recycling PET bottles; 85% of the cardboard from the A tu aire containers comes from recycled cardboard.

Freshness: fresh air and freedom for your home. Exotic fragrances

Environment: Recycled packaging. We look after nature

Special design: decorative and elegant

A tu aire, a world of fragrances for your home

With our A tu aire air fresheners, you will enjoy the best of nature in your home. Take yourself to pure and fresh places. Relive a tropical sunrise, smell the Mediterranean sea breeze, remember a walk in the mountains…

We offer you manual air fresheners, electric air fresheners, sticks and automatic air fresheners.

You decide when and what your home smells of!


We manufacture insecticides for all needs: flies, mosquitos, ants, cockroaches…

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Air fresheners in the form of aerosol, sticks… which take you to the purest of places.

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Cleaning and disinfection products: clean and care for the surfaces in your home.

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Personal care products: anti-head lice and anti-mosquito treatments.

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Line of products for professional use: insecticides, air fresheners, disinfectants, cleaning products, etc.

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Our Values



We develop effective products with the highest standards of safety, quality and compliance with the current regulations.

innovacion y sostenibilidad

Innovation and sustainability

We innovate in our business field to offer natural products and processes that are environmentally sustainable.

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We develop brands that are recognised by our consumers as well as by our customers as the best value for money.