Our R+D projects are developed fundamentally in Zelnova, in collaboration with universities, technology centres and/or suppliers of raw materials. The objective is to develop new products that provide a competitive advantage and improve the already existing products.

In the control laboratory we have the appropriate staff and means to carry out the necessary physio-chemical analyses to check that the different components involved in the production process (active substances, solvents, excipients and packaging material) meet the required specifications, as well as to control the products manufactured, both in phase and finished.

The ISO 9001:2008 and IFS HPC quality system that we have implemented enables all of the batches at any stage of the production process to be verified.

Our laboratory takes up a surface area of 410m2, in which the general laboratory is located which carries out the preparative chemistry, the instrumental chemistry room, the physical control room and the sample store. It has smelling booths, analytical scales, UV and IR spectrophotometers, gas chromatograph, fine layer chromatograph, refractometer, as well as all of the measuring instruments necessary to carry out the established chemico-physical controls.

In the same building we have the Development Laboratory, where we carry out the trials to develop New Products and improve the existing ones. This is also where the Component Specifications are generated and the Production Processes are established which enable the products that the Company markets in the optimum Quality and Cost conditions to be obtained. This laboratory has the means of preparation and measures appropriate to its function: mixers, mills, pH meter, viscometer, etc. At the same time, the laboratory also has its own rooms for studies of preservation and stability at room temperature and 40°C.

Kill-Paff  KIDS ®

Product of the year award 2020

Kill Paff Kids is an innovative product that has won a prize, awarded by consumers, as product of the year 2020.

This electric mosquito repellent insecticide is super effective, you can even use it with the windows open, and it doesn’t smell. In addition, it has a light for little ones: with Kill Paff they won’t be afraid of the dark again.

producto kill paff kids con luz andimiedos


At ZELNOVA ZELTIA, we are aware of the importance of quality when it comes to satisfying the needs of our customers, we have implemented the Control and Management systems of Quality Standard ISO 9001 and IFS HPC in our company, setting as main objectives the guaranteeing of the satisfaction of our current customers, ensuring their safety and showing the capacity to manufacture safe and quality products.

We promote the concept of total quality: all of the members that make up ZELNOVA ZELTIA, whatever our job, have the objective of doing things well from the beginning. We work as a team so that the entire company is involved in this collective task. The general guidelines that we establish are:

The Quality Management system has been developed and must be maintained so that the prevention of defects is worked on more than their correction.

The quality and safety policy is a priority for Zelnova Zeltia, which is why, to the certificate according to ISO 9001, obtained for the first time in 1997, the Certification obtained according to the IFS HPC Standard was added in November 2013.

ISO 9001:

Our Quality system is managed with a computer program.

First obtained in 1997 and fully implemented.

IFS HPC Versión 2:

The IFS HPC is a standard whose goals are to guarantee product safety, reduce costs and ensure transparency with regard to the entire production chain of household and personal care products.

The company is committed to reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and innovation with new, greener products, made with natural and environmentally friendly active ingredients.


We manufacture insecticides for all needs: flies, mosquitos, ants, cockroaches…

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Air fresheners in the form of aerosol, sticks… which take you to the purest of places.

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Cleaning and disinfection products: clean and care for the surfaces in your home.

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Personal care products: anti-head lice and anti-mosquito treatments.

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Line of products for professional use: insecticides, air fresheners, disinfectants, cleaning products, etc.

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