Casa Jardín Green

At Casa Jardín Green we develop household products that are more environmentally friendly. We believe that our products should have the minimum impact on the environment, so we have created a new range with formulas of a natural origin.
Each of our products has been carefully designed by our specialists. Fragrance and minimum impact go hand in hand with Casa Jardín Green.

Casa Jardín Green: committed to the environment.

We are a market leader in flying insects: our formulas and packaging are the result of advanced research for the creation of products that are truly committed to the environment. We take great care in the creation of each one of our products.
Plants have been used for different purposes since ancient times: medicinal, perfume, to repel mosquitos and to decorate.

At Casa Jardín Green, continuing along these lines, we have developed formulas of a natural origin and researched until we have achieved packaging manufactured with FSC cardboard. 85% recycled.
We have products on the market in different formats so you can choose which one best suits your needs: electric liquid or tablet format, sticks with a glass container or hanging air fresheners made from 100% recycled plastic.
Casa Jardín Green: your ally in the format you want!

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What makes Casa Jardín Green stand out?

At Casa Jardín we take the well-being of your home and respect for the environment very seriously, so we only manufacture quality products with packaging and refills that are 100% recyclable.
Our advanced research and formulas of a natural origin have enabled us to create products that are truly committed to the environment.

Committed to the environment.

Packaging manufactured with FSC cardboard. 85% 

100% recyclable refills

Casa Jardín Green: sustainable products for your home 

We are a team committed to the environment and we offer the best service and maximum quality. We guarantee the minimum environmental impact.
Discover the different formats we offer you at Casa Jardín Green!

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Our Values



We develop effective products with the highest standards of safety, quality and compliance with the current regulations.

innovacion y sostenibilidad

Innovation and sustainability

We innovate in our business field to offer natural products and processes that are environmentally sustainable.

desarrollamos marcas


We develop brands that are recognised by our consumers as well as by our customers as the best value for money.