Casa Jardín

At Casa Jardín we develop and market products to disinfect the home. We believe that an insecticide should be effective without leaving an unpleasant and strong smell in your home, which is why our highly effective insecticides are developed with pleasant fragrances.

Each of our products has been carefully designed by our specialists. Effectiveness and fragrance go hand in hand with Casa Jardín.

Casa Jardín, para todo tipo de insectos

Casa Jardín: insecticides with fragrance

We are a brand specialised in manufacturing insecticides: our products are manufactured based on latest generation active ingredients.

We take care of every detail, the fragrance of each one of our insecticides so that your home is insect-free and with a pleasant smell.

We offer you a wide range of fragrances so that you can choose the one you like most: lemon, rose, lavender, citrus cocktail, Mediterranean paradise… Floral freshness against insects in the home!

We have insect repellent products on the market in different formats so you can choose the one that best suits your needs: aerosol insecticides, ant traps, cockroach traps, anti-mite clothes hangers to keep your wardrobe free from bugs, mosquito repellent sticks, etc.

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Casa Jardín: your ally against insects in the format you choose!

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What makes us stand out?

At Casa Jardín we take the well-being of your home very seriously, so we only manufacture quality products.
With our insecticides, your home will be bug-free, we have an ideal product for each type of need: don’t worry about annoying mosquitos and forget about the irritating flies; keep your kitchen ant-free and your cupboards free from mites..

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Our experts design delicate and fresh fragrances so that the absence of insects in your home and the nice smell of your home go hand in hand.

casa segura

An insect-free safe home: goodbye bugs

insecticida multiinsectos

Effective against all types of insects, there won’t be a single one left!

múltiples fragancias

Fragranced insecticides: a wide range of fragrances available

Casa Jardín: effective protection for your home

With our products your home will be fragrances and totally insect-free!

Our team is committed to what they do, which is why we always offer the best service and maximum quality. We guarantee the effectiveness of each of our insecticide products.

At Casa Jardín we offer the widest variety of fragranced anti-bug products on the market.

Discover them!

insecticida perfumado


We manufacture insecticides for all needs: flies, mosquitos, ants, cockroaches…

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Air fresheners in the form of aerosol, sticks… which take you to the purest of places.

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Cleaning and disinfection products: clean and care for the surfaces in your home.

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Personal care products: anti-head lice and anti-mosquito treatments.

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Line of products for professional use: insecticides, air fresheners, disinfectants, cleaning products, etc.

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Our Values



We develop effective products with the highest standards of safety, quality and compliance with the current regulations.

innovacion y sostenibilidad

Innovation and sustainability

We innovate in our business field to offer natural products and processes that are environmentally sustainable.

desarrollamos marcas


We develop brands that are recognised by our consumers as well as by our customers as the best value for money.