At Cooper we care about your family and your home, so we make products that make it easy for you to get into a healthy habit of keeping your environment clean and protected.

We make products to keep your home and hands clean. Each of our disinfectants and sanitizers are carefully developed by our experts for total protection of your family.

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Cooper: disinfectants products

To help today’s homes, at Cooper we have developed products that keep you free of germs and bacteria.

We know that cleaning is not the same as disinfecting, removing dirt does not guarantee that we will kill all germs. With our products you will keep your home clean and bacteria free.

Good hygiene and disinfection is achieved through healthy habits. Let’s start with proper hand hygiene: our hands are in contact with hundreds of surfaces throughout the day and keeping them disinfected is essential to avoid spreading germs.

Don’t forget, cleaning and disinfecting your hands is very important to keep you healthy. Discover our products and enjoy a germ-free home.

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Why Cooper?

Our innovative products are designed to ensure complete hygiene of your home and hands. They eliminate germs and bacteria while being respectful of your loved ones and the surfaces in your home.
Trust us: clean and disinfected hands in a healthy, germ-free home.

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Disinfects: we eliminate germs and bacteria easily and quickly.

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Care: we create healthy, bacteria-free homes in which to enjoy the family.

Respect: we respect the care of children, the elderly and the pets that live in your home.

Total protection for your family

Cooper, we’re your brand for the total protection of your family. With our products keeping your home free of bacteria and germs is quick and easy.

We guarantee safe hygiene for everyone: seniors, children, pets… Get healthy habits in your home with Cooper!

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We manufacture insecticides for all needs: flies, mosquitos, ants, cockroaches…

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Air fresheners in the form of aerosol, sticks… which take you to the purest of places.

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Cleaning and disinfection products: clean and care for the surfaces in your home.

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Personal care products: anti-head lice and anti-mosquito treatments.

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Line of products for professional use: insecticides, air fresheners, disinfectants, cleaning products, etc.

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Our Values



We develop effective products with the highest standards of safety, quality and compliance with the current regulations.

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Innovation and sustainability

We innovate in our business field to offer natural products and processes that are environmentally sustainable.

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We develop brands that are recognised by our consumers as well as by our customers as the best value for money.