At Hechicera we are determined to care for the floors and surfaces of your home. We create cleaning products that will help you to keep the hard surfaces of your home clean.

We work on each one of our items as far as possible to always offer excellent cleaning products, which meet all of your requirements.

So, our products offer a higher resistance to scratches and marks that may appear on your furniture.

The Hechicera line of products is designed for the care, maintenance and shine of floors and other delicate surfaces in your home.

productos hechicera
Hechicera, productos de limpieza

Hechicera, cleaning products for the home

We have a wide range of products perfect for the care and maintenance of your home. You can choose, from various formats, the Hechicera cleaning product that you like most: Hechicera in wax form, Hechicera polish, Hechicera wipes,

Hechicera furniture cleaner, etc. in addition, all of our products leave a pleasant aroma on the surfaces of your home.

Remove all dirt from your furniture without leaving residues and recover the natural beauty of the wood with the Hechicera furniture cleaners, effective and caring products for delicate surfaces.

With our Hechicera cleaning products, your home will be clean at all times. Easily get rid of that annoying dust that penetrates the surfaces of the home!

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What defines us?

We are much more than a cleaning brand, at Hechicera we take care of every detail of the manufacturing process of our products.
We need to offer you cleaning products that look after the surfaces in your home.
Our objective is to facilitate the cleaning of your home, manufacturing very effective products.
Save time on cleaning your home and enjoy time as a family in a shiny and clean home.

hechicera, revitaliza la madera

Revitalise: give life to the wood in your home

hechicera, brillo para tus suelos y muebles de madera

Shine: clean and shiny surfaces

hechicera le da una segunda oportunidad a los suelos de madera

Repair and protect your floors: long lasting effect

Take care of your furniture and floors with Hechicera

Hechicera, the ideal brand for the cleaning and care of your home’s surfaces. Our products provide a shine and finish that enhance the natural beauty of the furniture and floors in the home.

Clean, shiny and non-slip spaces. As well as getting a clean home, our Hechicera products leave a pleasant fragrance in your home’s environment.

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cuidamos de tus suelos y muebles con hechicera


Insecticidas para cada tipo de necesidad: moscas, hormigas, cucarachas…


Productos desinfectantes, higienizantes, virucidas y bactericidas.


Ambientadores en aerosol, en sticks… que te trasladan a los lugares más puros.


Productos de limpieza: limpian y cuidan las superficies de tu hogar.


Productos para el cuidado personal: tratamientos antipiojos y antimosquitos.


Línea de productos para uso profesional: insecticidas, ambientadores, desinfectantes, limpiadores, etc.

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Desarrollamos productos efectivos con los más altos estándares de seguridad, calidad, y cumplimiento con la normativa vigente.

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Innovación y sostenibilidad

Innovamos en el ámbito de nuestros negocios para ofrecer productos naturales y procesos sostenibles medio – ambientalmente.

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Desarrollamos marcas reconocidas tanto por nuestros consumidores como por nuestros clientes como la mejor ecuación de valor.