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R&D projects are primarily developed at Zelnova, in collaboration with Universities, technology centres and/or suppliers of raw materials. The objective is to develop new products that provide a competitive advantage and to improve existing products:

In the Monitoring Laboratory, staff and suitable means are available for carrying out the necessary chemical-physical analyses in order to check that the different components which intervene in the production process (active ingredients, solvents, excipients and conditioning material) comply with the required specifications, and also to monitor the manufactured products, both during the stages and on completion of the same

The ISO 9001:2008 Quality System and IFS HPC which we have introduced allows us to verify all the lots at any stage of their production process.

This laboratory occupies a surface area of 410 m2, and contains the general laboratory where the preparatory chemistry is carried out, the instrumental chemistry room, the physical monitoring room, and the sample store. It has olfactory booths, analytic scales, UV and IR spectrophotometers, gas chromatography, thin-layer chromatography, a refractometer and all the measuring instruments necessary for carrying out the established chemical-physical tests.

The Development Laboratory is located in the same building; here, the tests directed towards developing New Products and improving the existing ones are carried out, the Specifications of the components are generated and the Production Processes which allow the obtaining of the products marketed by the Company under optimum conditions of Quality and Costs are defined. This laboratory has at its disposal the means of preparation and measurement suited to its function, such as agitators, mixers, mills, pH-meter, viscometer, etc… This Laboratory also has its own rooms for studies on preservation and stability at room temperature and at 40°C.