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About us

ZELNOVA ZELTIA, S.A. was founded on 30th December 1991, by the division of COOPER ZELTIA, S.A, inheriting from the same the activity of manufacture and marketing of chemical products which ZELTIA, S.A. commenced in 1939. Its social objective is “…The acquisition, preparation, manufacture and marketing, in all of its stages, of all kinds of chemical products for their domestic, agricultural or industrial use or consumption, such as: Insecticides, air fresheners, cosmetics, cleaners, disinfectants, fertilisers; likewise the means or the equipment necessary for the application and distribution of the aforementioned products. The supply, contracting and provision of the services of disinfection, insect control and deratization in cities, organisms and centres, hospitals and clinics, both public and private".

A building with a surface area of 600 m2 in two storeys, with machinery and equipment (mixers, mills, dosage equipment, individual aspiration and filtration equipment), devoted to the manufacture and packaging of Insecticide Powders, and the appropriate machinery (2,000 kg mixing drum, pelleting machine, storage bunkers, automatic dosing machine) devoted to the manufacture and packaging of Rodenticide Baits. Among the most outstanding innovative milestones achieved by the company, the following may be mentioned:
  • The first aerosol insectide manufactured in Spain
  • The first water-based aerosol insecticide.
  • The use of propellants which do not damage the ozone layer, for over 20 years.
  • A pioneer in the development of the first electric controlled-vaporization mosquito killer which does not use tablets, and of the first electric air freshener (Kill-Paff System).