What does your home smell of?
We know how important it is to feel comfortable at home, which is why we offer you the best air fresheners to turn your home into a special, pleasant and peaceful place. Get a fresh and unique environment: our air fresheners will transport you to the purest of places.

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At Zelnova we offer you different types of air fresheners, with a wide range of aromas so you can choose the one you like most.
You can choose different air freshener systems: spray air fresheners, electric air fresheners, liquids, portable air fresheners, sticks, concentrated air fresheners, automatic air fresheners… You decide the best one to suit your home’s surroundings.
Our air freshener brands Splash and A tu aire provide freshness to your home. Discover all of the fragrances available, from sweet and fruity smells to the purest and freshest ones.

We want to offer you the best air fresheners, so our products have been designed by expert perfumers and the result is a range of products that remove the bad smells from your rooms and refresh any environment.
In addition, we are concerned about caring for the environment, so we have reduced the use of plastic in our packaging and we use propellants that don’t damage the ozone layer.

Try our air fresheners, you will love them!