Our insecticides are made of latest generation pyrethroids, molecules with insecticide activity that are applied to crops, garden plants, pets and even humans.
You can find them in different formats or types of application: we have available aerosol insecticides, electric insecticides, liquid insecticides, powder, granules, travel insecticides, anti-insect traps…

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We offer different types of application of insecticides depending on the needs we have; aerosols are specific insecticides to get rid of flying and crawling insects (anti-ant insecticides, insecticides for spiders..) the Casa Jardín and ZZ Paff ranges of products are what you need.
If you want to get rid of mosquitos and their annoying bites, the best option is the electric insecticide from Kill Paff.
Do you worry about other insects like cockroaches? Then use the traps from the Splash brand. Do you want to get rid of moths from your home? In this case, get the moth repellent from the Casa Jardín or Splash brand.
As you can see, there is a different insecticide for each need. Here you will find the best insecticides, the most effective and manufactured using formulas with the latest technology.
Choose the one that best suits your needs and remember that we take care of manufacturing each one of our products to always offer you the best quality. We innovate and work constantly to adapt to your needs, concerning ourselves with the respect and care of the environment.