We present you our range of personal care products. We offer the best protection for you and your family: say goodbye to head lice, mosquitos and mites.
We have brought new ranges of products onto the market which are highly effective for the treatment of head lice, mosquito and mite repellents, as well as calming products to alleviate the skin after a bite.

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For more sensitive skin, we have designed a Nature range, ammonia free, highly effective, respectful and delicate with your skin and that of your family.
We are specialists in manufacturing personal care products, we have spent more than 75 years producing anti-lice and mosquito repellent treatments: the traditional brands with more effective products than ever.
We have the perfect solution for head lice: anti-lice shampoo, anti-lice lotion, nit combs and lice-repellents. There won’t be a single one left!
At Zelnova we are concerned about your well-being and that of your family, manufacturing more effective personal care products so nothing bothers you.