At Splash we develop and sell air fresheners for your home.

We are an experienced brand that places on the market aerosol air fresheners and concentrated air fresheners to revitalise your home.

Enjoy all of our fragrances: from the freshest to the sweetest and fruitiest. Add life to your home with Splash: remove bad smells from your home instantly.

Say goodbye to bad smells, effective fragrance for your home.

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Splash, air fresheners for your home

At Splash we want you to freshen up and revitalise your spaces with our air fresheners. We work so that our products are of maximum quality. We think about the needs of the consumer and, based on this, we develop fresh and effective air fresheners.
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We have spray air fresheners with 6 varieties of fragrance so you can choose the one that best suits your home: lavender, red berries, lemon, vanilla, rose and clean linen.

In addition, we have a range of concentrated air fresheners, Splash Gota a Gota which are designed to be used in large spaces such as bathrooms, dressing rooms, restaurants, kitchens, etc. You can also use them to fragrance spaces such as wardrobes, bins, shoe racks, etc. A few drops are enough to get a long lasting fragrance!

Freshen up any space with our Splash air fresheners!

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How do we define ourselves?

At Splash we want to always offer the best service to our consumers. We work day to day to improve and offer you high quality air fresheners and with a wide range of fragrances.
We know that variety is the spice of life and that’s why we have created acid air fresheners such as lemon, sweet ones such as vanilla and fresh ones such as the smell of clean linen.
Remove smells immediately with our Splash air fresheners! Effectiveness and variety for all spaces.

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Say goodbye to bad smells in an instant

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Various air freshener formats: concentrated and spray

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Wide range of fragrances available

Remove bad smells with Splash air fresheners

With our air fresheners, your home or any space you need, will be free from bad smells.

We offer products that work immediately, removing any smell, with a range of varied fragrances to adapt to your tastes.

Remove smells with our Splash air fresheners, you can choose the spray air freshener or concentrated air fresheners, that will guarantee a long lasting fragrance with just a few drops of the product.

Discover them!

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We manufacture insecticides for all needs: flies, mosquitos, ants, cockroaches…

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Air fresheners in the form of aerosol, sticks… which take you to the purest of places.

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Cleaning and disinfection products: clean and care for the surfaces in your home.

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Personal care products: anti-head lice and anti-mosquito treatments.

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Line of products for professional use: insecticides, air fresheners, disinfectants, cleaning products, etc.

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Our Values



We develop effective products with the highest standards of safety, quality and compliance with the current regulations.

innovacion y sostenibilidad

Innovation and sustainability

We innovate in our business field to offer natural products and processes that are environmentally sustainable.

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We develop brands that are recognised by our consumers as well as by our customers as the best value for money.