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Aware of the importance of quality with respect to fulfilling its customers’ needs, ZELNOVA ZELTIA has implemented the Quality Control and Management Systems ISO 9001 and IFS HPC throughout the company, with the key objectives of ensuring the satisfaction of our current customers, guaranteeing their safety and demonstrating the company’s capacity for manufacturing safe, high-quality products. These systems promote the concept of total quality and, as such, the rule of doing things well the first time is now the objective of all employees of ZELNOVA ZELTIA, regardless of their role and tasks. This objective is a collective goal that requires the involvement of the entire company. To this end, the following guidelines are established:
  • Manufacturing products in accordance with the customers’ requirements, the specifications stipulated and the applicable codes, regulations and legislation at the lowest possible cost, so the products that reach the customers fulfil their purpose when in use.
  • Establishing a documented system to ensure the quality and safety of the products manufactured.
  • Implementation of continuous improvement as a rule of conduct throughout the organization.
  • The detection of faulty products and the elimination of the causes of such defects.
  • Training all of the organization’s employees with the aim of improving the quality of the products manufactured.
  • Constant analysis of information, both data generated in-house and information gathered from the customers, to prevent defects and improve the manufacture of ZELNOVA ZELTIA’s products.
The Quality Management System has been developed and must be applied in such a way as to ensure that defects are prevented, rather that rectified.