#3 Textile Innovation Challenge: Disinfection, Cleaning and Setting

At Zelnova Zeltia we are committed to the new challenges of personal hygiene. Dirty textiles can be carriers of infectious agents and we have proposed to enhance the line of products that helptextile care. In addition to cleaning and setting, we also want to promote the sanitization and disinfection of this type of garment.


After the incorporation of TOKE and STIRA E AMMIRA, our Home Care business unit seeks innovative ideas and projects that complement the range of textile care products with the aim of continuing to establish ourselves as a benchmark in the home care market.

What are we looking for?

1. New cleaning productsfor all types of fabrics: Innovative solutions that allow the disinfection of viruses and bacteria in a more efficient or sustainable way.

2. New textile scent products: Innovative solutions that allow aromatization.

3. New products oftextile sizing: Innovative solutions that provide consistency or firmness to fabrics.

4. New ways of application for textiles that improve usability, efficiency and user experience.

5. New Technologies for textile care such as microencapsulation, silver or copper nanoparticles, etc.

6. New packagingsuch as microencapsulation, silver or copper nanoparticles, etc.

7. Registered active ingredients or other innovative formulations for textile application.

8. Other innovative solutions for textile care.


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