We are looking for innovative talent, a passionate team that provides innovative solutions, whether products, processes, technologies or business models: with the ability to break into the non-food consumer market and aligned with Zelnova’s business, mainly within our strategic lines of ambience, hygiene, disinfection, insecticides and personal care.

Zelnova Zeltia Open Innovation Program

Our Open Innovation Program in the House Hold and Personal Care sector, with which we seek to accelerate startups that can respond to our business challenges. To do this, we carry out personalized concept tests for each startup. ZZink! Lab is the interface between Zelnova and the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

We invest in startups through Proof of Concept

In order to validate your solution in the mass consumption environment, you will work for 3 months directly with Mentors, executives of the main Zelnova business areas, on issues such as

The product strategy , in its different facets: functionality, brand, pricing, channel, partners and suppliers, etc.

The registration and certification of the product in different countries.

The industrialization of the product: the validation of the industrial viability and scalability as a consumer product.

access to the channel : the definition of the distribution strategy and access to the mass market

What innovative projects and solutions are we looking for?

Discover the challenges of our business units:

We invest in the launch of proofs of concept and help startups both in their industrialization and in their business development

program calendar


POC proposal

The OpenZZ challenge with our strategic lines will always remain open and we will periodically launch specific challenges. Whatever your case, you just have to fill in the application form with your POC proposal.


Innovation committee

Analysis of the Proof of Concept proposals by our managers and selection of the startups that will participate in the Bootcamp.



Online event every 2 months in which each startup will meet with the executives of Zelnova and the ZZink! team. Lab to analyze the design of the proof of concept, the costs and timelines of the implementation, the infrastructure / technology needs and the target KPIs of the POC.


Innovation Committee II

Assessment of the design, costs, deadlines, infrastructure or technology and metrics analyzed in the Bootcamp and selection of startups that will implement the POC.



3-month phase of implementation of the proof of concept in Zelnova Zeltia with weekly follow-up meetings with the ZZink team! Lab.

An outstanding story

These are some of the most outstanding innovative milestones that we have starred in:

First aerosol insecticide manufactured in Spain

First water-based aerosol insecticide

Use of propellants that have not damaged the ozone layer for more than 20 years

First electric anti-mosquitoes with controlled vaporization in Spain

Strategic partner